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Hi, I'm Leyth

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Hi, I'm Leyth

Somatic Coach, Men's Work facilitator, Wellbeing CUrator.

We can all be Extraordinary
On October 13th, 2019 I fell into a 7-day coma as my brain began shutting down. I suffered a ruptured aneurysm in the basilar artery of my brain and experienced a stroke to the right side of my body. My brain filled with blood and I was moments away from passing to the other side.

After 4 brain operations, I woke up, against all odds. The doctors didn't know if I would ever wake up or move again. I can tell you I proved them wrong. When I woke, I had near to no movement on the right side of my body. I spent 5-weeks in intensive care in hospital and the following 6-months in physical and mental rehabilitation.

I've spent the last two years diving into integrative medicines, holistic therapies and spiritual science ... not only to regain my state of health but also too far excel from where I was. After 18-months my Neurologist told me that the aneurysm in my brain had fully dissolved. I've truly realised the power of the mind the potential we all have within us and now I am here to share this with the world. We must move closer on the inside, in order to create a more positive impact on the outside. I'm dedicating my life to the world of healing and I'm so happy you are here, ready to take action within your life.

Read my full story on the Metro & DailyMail.

Lesson's I've Learnt

Power Of The Mind

Holistic Science Of Healing

Value Of Functional Mobility

Spiritual Cognition

Trauma Recovery

Eastern Medicine Theology

Neurological Transformation

Quantum Science

Power Of Breathing

Observing The Mind


Your mind is your greatest healing and I learnt this the hard way. The holistic way healed me. I realised I could
reprogram my brain, heal my body and change my life with my mind. I never stopped asking questions. I learnt the brain and body can repair themselves.

On October 13th, 2019 I fell into a 7-Day Coma as my brain began shutting down from a ruptured Aneurysm

within 18-months, the aneurysm in my brain had dissolved and i was on my way to peak health.

My Mission

To enable humans to live their greatest life through understanding their mind is their greatest tool to heal their body, reprogram the brain and change their life.

Follow The Journey

Your mind is the greatest healing tool. To understand the power of the mind to heal the body is my life path. I've created a space for some free tools to support you on this journey of discovery. You can access them below and get started today.

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