Strokes Of Insight: Brain Series EP 5: Brain Reprogramming

Leyth Hampshire
21st December 2020

Strokes of Insight: The Brain Series 🧠

EP 5: Brain Reprogramming 🧬

Amazing if you've made it this far. It means the world to me that you are taking the time to read this. The brain is our most powerful organism. In my previous episodes of Strokes of Insight, we learnt a lot about the physical realm. We learnt about nutrition, movement & play and meditation. All amazing techniques and tools that can be used daily to heal, optimise and develop your brain and body. However, today I want us to take a bit of a deep dive into something maybe just a bit more out there when it comes to the brain. Bare with me, I promise you if you read to the end you start to ask questions that you may have never asked before.

Dr Joe Dispenza says "Everything that makes us up, the “you” and the “me”–our thoughts, our dreams, our memories, our hopes, our feelings, our secret fantasies, our fears, our skills, our habits, our pains and joys–is etched in the living work of 100 billion brain cells." The brain is the organ of change. There is a concept in neuroscience called neuroplasticity which we have spoken about already, which demonstrates that the brain alters itself every time we learn something new. He then goes on to say "By definition in neuroscience, the mind is the brain in action. The mind is the brain at work. It is the product of brain activity when it is animated with life. Now with 100 billion nerve cells seamlessly wired together, it becomes apparent that we can produce many different levels of mind. Virtually, we can make the brain work differently because we can influence the brain to fire in different sequences, different patterns, and in different combinations to produce many diverse states of mind."

Okay, we are starting to get deeper now. Let me tell you a brief story. I was lying in the hospital bed. Unable to move half of my body, in pain. Searching for answers. My father visited. He knew about everything that happened to me and so he said a few words that would change the course of my recovery. He lay both his hands on my right leg. He said, “Leyth, I know right now this may be hard for you to do. I want you in every moment you can, to close your eyes and dream your wildest dreams”. I didn’t know what he meant but he went to explain. “I want you to close your eyes, and imagine yourself doing all the things you love to do with your body. Running, swimming, climbing, walking, cycling…everything you loved to do and hope to do, I want you to see, feel it, embody the experience and know you will do these things once again”.

Every waking and sleeping moment I had, I would visualise. I wouldn't only visualise, I would feel. I would imagine myself climbing up large boulders in Yosemite, running along the promenade in Barcelona, swimming in the Cornish sea. Cycling through the hills of Surrey. I would see it, feel it and believe it.

Little did I know, what I was doing here is what Dr Joe Dispenza calls Brain & Heart Coherence. In which he dives into more here in this great podcast. I was sub-consciously remapping the neurocircuits in my brain to believe I was doing what I was doing, therefore causing the nervous system and neurons in the brain to start firing, reprogramming my brain and accelerating my recovery journey. Crazy right? Kind of, or just beautiful science at work.

The Practise

You may be thinking Leyth do you want me to go out and get injured to visualise a recovery? Of course not. The process of remapping your brain, through brain and heart coherence can be applied to fundamentally anything. It can be used to remap an emotion, an experience, a way of life, a pathway, a habit, a lifestyle choice or absolutely anything that you want to change. Understanding that by using your mind to visualise and using your heart to feel you have the capacity and capability to reprogram your brain. Also, if you are wanting to bring something into your reality. If we know that our brain and habits shape our life, if we can change these then it can trigger us to start to experience a new reality. This is diving into the world of Quantum Physics and Conscious Mechanics, which are too big topics for a newsletter like this. However, you can read this article about the quantum field if you are interested.

Lastly, Dr Joe D Says "by applying this understanding to the quantum model, which states that our subjective mind has an effect or control over our objective world (consciousness creates reality), we can begin to explore the idea that if our brain and our bodies are evidencing physical changes to look like the experience has already happened as a result of our mental efforts and before the physical manifestation of consciousness has occurred, then theoretically the experience will find us!"

If you want to dive into this world, even more, I cannot recommend this book enough by Dr Joe Dispenza, it truly changed my life and the course of my recovery.

I touched on a very complex model very briefly here, but I wanted to dip your toes in the water of the potential power you have inside of you. I ask you over this holiday period, to take moments to meditate, eat well for your brain, move your body in play and then find time to sit and visualise the dream life that you are want to achieve. I want you to not only visualise it, I want you to feel it, be it, and know that with every ounce of your body it has already happened. The brain is the most complex and fascinating organism and we have the potential to create a new reality in abundance around us. All we must do is put the work in. Looking after both the physical and spiritual side of the brain and the mind.

So there we have it, the final episode in the brain series of Strokes of Insight and the final episode of 2020. Thank you so much if you made it this far in the journey with me, I am just getting started and very excited for 2021. I want you to stay tuned, as in the coming weeks I will be launching an exciting programme to support those who want to optimise their mind and brain.

However in the meantime, Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Happy New Year and much love.

Look after yourself, as you know, health is the true wealth.

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Ciao for now,Leyth

*Disclaimer: I am not medically certified, I am just obsessively intrigued by human optimization.*

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